Retirement and 401k Services

Does your retirement plan Advisor provide more services than just attending your enrollment meetings? Do you fully understand how much you and your employees are paying in total fees for your retirement plan? How does this compare to peer groups and industry norms? Has your retirement plan accomplished a participation rate greater than industry averages? Does your Advisor even provide Plan Statistics to you on at least an annual basis? How do you determine if your retirement plan is achieving its purpose?

At Fortune Financial, our focus encompasses all aspects of your retirement plan. It includes everything from the beginning – such as plan design, creating an Investment Policy Statement, to the types of investments allowed in the retirement plan. Our services also include determining the structure of the Investment Committee, assisting with the choice of investments within the retirement plan, avenues for shielding potential liabilities with 3(21) protection, and ongoing monitoring and updates to your retirement plan.

We structure education that reaches your employees at whatever stage of financial and investment understanding they are at in their career. Our emphasis is on providing your employees with effective education that enables them to make the best financial decisions in their lives.With Fortune Financial, we have increased employee participation and contribution levels substantially above the industry averages. As multiple studies have shown, employees who are financially healthy are more productive, have reduced absences due to stress-related illnesses, and are more engaged in their career. This leads to a more effective and valuable employee.

Whether you need expertise and leadership in creating a new retirement plan, have a retirement plan that receives no ongoing support from your existing Advisor, or you simply have no idea how your current retirement plan is faring against industry norms, contact Fortune Financial for professional guidance and answers.

Services include:

  • Plan analysis and design
  • Creating an Investment Policy Statement
  • Investment selection and ongoing monitoring
  • Fee analysis and comparisons
  • Financial education and workshops
  • Working with employees on a 1-on-1 basis to help them define and achieve their financial goals
  • Ongoing retirement plan statistics and reviews
  • Explanation of all retirement plan fees
  • Consulting on fee minimization
  • How to structure your retirement plan in advance of the company becoming public

And so much more! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.